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Join Us On Pro Spring lotto Game For Free Then Decide.

What is LottoSpring?

LottoSpring is a social lottery game and business opportunity that gives its members multiple ways in which to win/make money. Let’s start off by describing the games that LottoSpring members get entered into each month.

1. Mega Hybrid Syndicate Lotto Games

When you join LottoSpring you are entered into a 50 member syndicate that shares 400 entries every 4 weeks. Your syndicate is entered into 8 lotto draws every 4 weeks. LottoSpring uses the numbers drawn in the Official EuroMillions Lottery in order to maintain 100% Transparency but apart from this the draws are in no way linked! Here are the monthly draws offered by LottoSpring:
LottoSpring Mega 5 (€5 Million Jackpot)
If your personal numbers match all the drawn numbers you will collect €1 Million and the remaining €4 Million will then be shared equally between the 49 remaining syndicate members. This draw takes place every Tuesday.
LottoSpring Mega 10 (€10 Million Jackpot)
If your personal numbers match all the drawn numbers you will collect €2 Million and the remaining €8 Million will then be shared equally between the 49 remaining syndicate members. This draw takes place on the first 3 Fridays of each month.

As we go in to the final testing stage of the ProSpring Opportunity we are really pleased to tell you everything is on track for an amazing launch. We even have some state of the art tools that let the company see which countries are growing at which speeds. Well done to everyone. T - 36 Days 19 Hours That's on or about the 15th October 2015.  

LottoSpring Mega 50 (€50 Million Jackpot)
If your personal numbers match all the drawn numbers you will collect €10 Million and the remaining €40 Million will then be shared equally between the 49 remaining syndicate members. This draw takes place on the 4th Friday of each month.
For the Mega 5, 10 and 50 your syndicate will win the jackpot if any of your shared syndicate entries match the 5 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars from that day’s Official Euro Millions draw. The 2nd prize is €200,000 for matching 5 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star and the 3rd prize is €100,000 for matching 5 Main Numbers.  
Learn more by registering with LottoSpring today! 

2. Tens of Thousands of Smaller Personal Prizes

You can pick up some really decent smaller prizes at the lower end of the prize winning tier levels as well.
Match 2 Main Numbers – €5
Match 2 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star – €10
Match 1 Main Number + 2 Lucky Stars – €15
Match 3 Main Numbers – €20
Match 2 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars – €25
Match 3 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star – €25
Match 3 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars – €100
Match 4 Main Numbers – €150
Match 4 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star – €1,000
Match 4 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars – €10,000

3. Social Lotto Benefits

This is where you have the opportunity to start leveraging people power using social media and word of mouth to help you build your social circles within LottoSpring. This will help to improve your chances of winning dramatically in every draw. When you join LottoSpring you are given the tools with which to introduce others to LottoSpring. When they join they are placed in your 5×6 matrix. You may now be wondering what a 5×6 matrix is, so allow me to explain. If you introduce 5 people who in turn introduce 5 people each and each of those do the same 6 levels down, you will have a complete 5×6 matrix. A complete matrix will have these numbers on each level:
Level 1 – 5 Members
Level 2 – 25 Members
Level 3 – 125 Members
Level 4 – 625 Members
Level 5 – 3125 Members
Level 6 – 15625 Members
Total – 19530 Members
Every time someone in your matrix (social circles) wins a prize, you will collect a 5% Bonus Prize. If you personally introduce a member who wins a prize, you will collect a 10% Bonus Prize.

Blitz Tickets

Every time a member in your matrix (social circles) keeps their membership running for a 4 week period, you will earn 100 Blitz Points. If you personally introduce a member who keeps their membership running for a 4 week period, you will earn 200 Blitz Points. For every 300 Blitz Points that you accumulate, you are given a Free Blitz Ticket that WILL win you between €1 and €50,000. The draw for these Blitz Tickets takes place each Friday and uses the first 5 drawn numbers in the official EuroMillions draw for that day.

What is the Cost of Joining LottoSpring?

You pay €33 every 4 week cycle but as soon as you introduce 3 members to LottoSpring then you receive a 100% refund meaning your subscription costs are completely wiped out!

ProSpring VIP Membership

ProSpring is LottoSpring’s VIP Membership and will interest those who are keen on winning a greater number of prizes more often and are more serious about building a strong and successful business with LottoSpring.

ProSpring Benefits

  1. Earn additional Blitz Points and Tickets (Between 200 & 600)
  2. As a Pro Member you will receive a Free Full Ticket to giveaway as an invite to give to a prospect every game. This is a great tool for getting people interested in LottoSpring.
  3. Access to the ProSpring Ranking System where you can win even more prizes. As you build your team you will earn an ever growing number of points meaning that you will be winning prizes more and more often.

What is the Cost of Joining as a ProSpring Member?

The ProSpring Membership costs €66 every 4 weeks but if you introduce 3 ProSpring members then your subscription will be completely refunded meaning that your ProSpring membership will cost you nothing!

Who Can Join LottoSpring?

Individuals from a great many countries CAN join LottoSpring. However, those who reside in any of the following countries will definitely NOT be allowed to join LottoSpring: 
Afghanistan Algeria Angola Cayman Islands Ecuador France
  • Guyana Iran Iraq Laos Myanmar North Korea Panama Papua New Guinea
  • Sudan Syria Uganda USA Yemen

Is LottoSpring Licensed?

We have read the following statement on the  PDF supplied by the company:  “LottoSpring is a Fully Licensed and Audited Game and Membership System & adheres to the standards and practices of the payment providers and gaming authorities.”
We have also learned that LottoSpring has a license from the CuraƧao gaming authority and their license number is 8048JAZ2013-014. 
Learn more by registering with LottoSpring today! 

Who Runs LottoSpring?

We have ascertained that Jamie Mather is the CEO of LottoSpring and owns 100% of the company. His website is if you are interested in learning more about LottoSpring’s owner. Look..

What is Our Opinion of LottoSpring?

All on our team have been involved in many lotto affiliate programs and MLM opportunities over the last 10 years and well packaged lotto products have always been a real winner on the whole. We have found that people enjoy syndicate play as it offers greatly improved odds of winning and multiple draws taken care of by a single subscription is very popular. Also, from our experience we have found that people will happily pay in the region of €30 each month on such products which is very much inline with LottoSpring’s subscription costs.
Not only does LottoSpring offer big guaranteed lottery jackpots but also gives members 400 shared syndicate entries to win every month. Add on to this the ever improving odds as members start building their social circles and the fact that each member only needs to bring in 3 paid members to cancel out their subscription payments; this really has the potential to grow very fast indeed!
LottoSpring is now in pre-launch so you can now register but there will be no games to play and money to be made until October 2015. However, business minded individuals can certainly take advantage of this pre-launch period to build a network of like minded individuals ahead of the official launch.
This does look like a fun and unique take on lottery syndicate play and we believe that this product/business will attract a lot of interest from the lottery playing community following the launch.
Learn more by registering with LottoSpring today! 
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We are in the Pre-Launch of the world’s best, easiest, most fun and lucrative business opportunity and life changing mega windfall game.
If you go ahead over the coming days and weeks, we are going to be sending you emails, videos, presentations, webinars and opportunity articles that are going to highlight the path to serious and continual guaranteed prizes.

  • Use our Social Sharing Buttons to share your Referral Link
  • Tweet out your personal opportunity code
  • Email people you know and ask them to Pre-RegisterEmail and SMS your personal link
  • You send them to register and we will do the rest.
  • Our Pre-Launch Rollout will propel your referrals in to a money winning machine.Simple, Effective, Social Income. 
  • Learn more by registering with LottoSpring today! 
Everyone now involved has joined this new pro spring lotto game as a free member user for now ..

Many have already referred other future players also. You can now get access to your frontline member email addy's, but you have to email support at ask them for your frontline members emails. 
You can then email your downline and I would also suggest advising them of this as well. 
It is by invite only for those who are active in building their teams.
Just be aware as I am doing now the company are doing things this way to prevent all out spam to people who have joined. People who are serious about building their teams will not mind emailing support to get the info. 
Spam complaints will result in no more co-operation from the company to the spamming member.

First so as you may know a bit about my background I would like to mention that I have been working online for several years now in fact it's been in a full time mode for over 24 months now.. 
Been in sales in one form or another all my life so the transition to using the net as a network marketer seemed a good way to go because my interest in doing that was there already..

During that time I have if you like learned my online marketing trade upto a point as I am still learning which is a big learning curve but during that time I have made connections with similar minded people all over the world which in itself has helped me understand just how marketing products and various programs I am and have been involved with on and offline for many years.

That being said I have connections who do inform me of ideas that are in the making before anyone else who work in this online extra income opportunity industry world which has and does give me what is known as a first mover advantage..

This new lottery 'Lotto' type of game was first thought of over 3 years ago and has only now in the past month or so been launched in what is known as the pre build stage which is simply getting this knowledge out to as many people as possible before the masses hear about it on the Internet which will occur some point in October. 

Hence the term first mover advantage.. Please also keep your eye on your inbox when you are registered with the game to be part of this game for ongoing mesages from the company website.

Please see Below a list so far of approved banner URLs we all can use.. 

You will also notice the video below was made by a good friend of mine called Pearse who is my referring player member for this game who I have known and worked with in the past for many years.

That particular information video can now again be found here 
I don’t know if you have seen this Lotto Spring Pro Spring Opportunity before as yet, but I got involved on the Pre-Launch several weeks back now and all is looking pretty amazing which is why my intention is to keep on promoting the idea upto the launch day in October and beyond. LOOK
Below you can see a recent screenshot I made of the number of people I now have in my online Pro Spring Lotto Game Back Office which for now shows that I have referred 40 people so far and of those 40 many have referred others also as you will see.
I do know that people now involved with this game have referred alot more some even in the 100's if not more and my goal is to hit the 200 mark before the actual launch at the end of October 2015.
The following part of this message is aimed at those like minded people to simply ask you all to just register your interest asap by adding your name and email address here  That is simply my referring new player member initial sign up page that all new free to sign up player members will be able to have and can use.
It's simply known as an affiliated member join link page that if anyone signs up to register there interest from such a web page they are automatically attached to who ever sent it within this join up and register process system.
You will be asked to create a site user name I just chose AndyC you can choose whatever you wish but I do suggest your first name and initial like I have then people you chat to about this will know who you are when you send it to them. 
Just read the page then click on one of the two places that say ''secure your spot'' ''get your place'' Those registration sections are over to your right as you see the page just above the countdown to launch day clock. You will then be taken to the sign up registration page. which is simply a drop down list where you will see me as AndyC as your referring member.

This new game concept is offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week. I’m thinking this could be an amazing opportunity to make some life changing income.

As it’s Pre-launch, you don’t part with any money – Just register to secure your position and you can decide later if you want to take part in any pre-launch offers. 

A more information web page has now been created here again by pearse my referring game member player Ongoing webinars about the game will be a big part of this pre launch scenario so keep your eye on the page you now see here  to ''Book your place'' you will be able to add your name and email addy to join it after you click on that link asap if you can although all should be recorded as you can now see here
One final point to mention you can also connect with me on FaceBook here too 
If you use that too or even better on skype here just create an account it's free if you do not have one then look for my skype user name ID as bestonthenet1  send me a skype or facebook friend request so we can really stay in touch plus once you have a skype or facebook account you can then ask to join our facebook help group here also you can even add yourself to our online help skype room too here that URL link s a skype URI link that only works if your skype I.M. service is running on your P.C. as you click on it .
Well I think that's all for now except just to say a Big welcome and my very best regards to all for viewing my nfo page here today plus hopefully your continued interest in the Pro Spring lotto game as I wish you all good look and hope win's galore take place once the game has launched. 
From me AndyC that's Andy Cummings based here in Shipley, West Yorkshire U.K.
P.S. Please by all mean's reply back me with any Q's you need A's to and I will return your message asap with any further help I know of to offer support as best I know how.. Just Place ProSpring Help in the subject line to 
Learn more by registering with LottoSpring today! 

Thanks For Dropping By..